Police turn back petitioners in Chimbu

National, Normal

The National, Friday 18th November 2011

POLICE in Chimbu yesterday prevented the presentation of a petition to Chimbu Governor Fr John Garia because the organisers had not followed procedures.
Chimbu provincial police commander Chief Insp John Kale said he could not allow the people from Sinasina-Yongomugl district petition Garia because they failed to give the required 14-day notice to authorities.
“For any public petition, gathering, assemblies, awareness and rallies, the organisers must seek 14 days approval notice from authorities.”
Kale said the people should learn to follow simple procedures.
He said the growing number of thugs and opportunists in cities and towns take advantage of such illegal forums and assemblies to loot.
Meanwhile police arrested three men from the Anigl section of the highlands highway outside Kundiawa town for allegedly stealing betelnut bags and cash.
He said the men posed as men working on the road and held up a truck ferrying betelnut.
Kale said they took the bags by force, held up the vendors and demanded cash from them.
The matter was immediately reported to the police who arrested and charged then men.