Police urged to stop targeting vendors


INFORMAL market vendors at Gordon in Port Moresby say they are targeted by police whenever crime is committed in the area.
Gordon Informal Sector Association president Sana Dokopa said their goods and market facilities were destroyed last week after a police officer died in the area.
She said police should be targeting pick-pockets and thieves instead of the vendors.
“We have eight informal sector sub-associations under the main umbrella association which we have registered,” she said.
All of them are registered with the Investment Promotion Authority and Internal Revenue Commission.
Dokopa said their vendors association was working with the Safe Cities Council, United Nations Women and the National Capital District Commission desk and market division.
“The place we are using right now was given to us by the NCDC market division which means we are authorised to do our selling there,” she said.
“So why is it that every time there is a problem at the Gordon market, we get blamed for it?
“Every time when there is an issue, police and the public will destroy our facilities, steal our money and products and chase us from there.”
She said the law protected the formation of the informal sector and women’s empowerment through leadership, financial independence and education.
“So with that stand, we at the informal sector are trying to empower simple women so they can become financially independent and they can meet those Vision 2050 goals,” she said.