Police urges MPs to help with initiatives

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

MINJ police station commander Horim Piamia has called on elected leaders to support groups and organisations trying their best to change the lives of people.
He said it was a leader’s role to help people change.
He said organisations and youth groups trying to bring in change needed to be supported and funded.
Piamia made the comment after commending the Operation Stop Dug (OSD) for playing an important role in changing the lives of more than 80 drug addicts from the Sikeng tribe.
He said for the youths to give up their bad habit and uproot more the 4,000 mature marijuana plants was a big change.
He said OSD needed support to carry out greater awareness.
He said this initiative was undertaken by the youths themselves without support from anyone.
Piamia said this was something leaders needed to give priority to because if leaders and law and order bodies like police or the judiciary and the government “cannot change them then this is good news when they (youths) have taken up the initiative to change”.
He said youths were the backbone of the nation’s development and thanked the OSD for doing a fine job.
OSD chairman Justin Nekints thanked the youths for giving up smoking marijuana.
He said what they had done was good for the country because they were the nation’s future leaders.
He said drug had destroyed many young people in the country.
Nekints said the OSD was an organisation that had played a big role to help youths change their lives.
OSD had more than 20,000 members.