Police want to take guns away from people

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POLICE in Enga will make agreements with the provincial government to buy all firearms that are with people because guns are seen as the reason for constant tribal fighting in the province.
Provincial police commander Chief Supt Joseph Tondop made this known to the people last Friday in Wabag town at the launching of the say no to tribal fights, all forms of violence and violence against women and children and HIV/AIDS.
Several firearms, including home-made and factory-made guns, were surrendered at the launching by people from Wabag and they were destroyed by members of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force engaged in a special operation in Enga.
This was an initiative taken by Tondop to protect Enga from serious law and order issues like tribal fighting.
Tondop said police would take the lead and discuss with the provincial government to try to buy the firearms that were in wrong hands.
He said Enga was experiencing a tribal warfare and not tribal fighting because it was getting from bad to worse. Tondop said anyone who had a firearm at home should start making an attempt to destroy it.
“Firearm is the cause of all the fights and lawlessness in the province and we have to take part and completely get rid of it.
“Those of you who have firearms should come forward so we can make arrangements to destroy them,” he said.
Tondop said firearms build-up in the province was a big concern and it was time responsible people started bringing them forward.
Tondop said Enga would change once law and order became normal.
“We will make this arrangement and we want everyone to cooperate and feel responsible, he said.
“We need to take the lead and try to do something to restore the pride and image of the province so that it can attract investors, development and change,” Tondop said.