Police warn of roadblock

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


POLICE have warned people who block the Okuk Highway to stop the illegal activity because it was affecting many people who use it.

Assistant Police Commissioner Teddy Tei said police would no longer put up with such conduct. 

He said the two mains areas affected were Poroma and Migirima, in Southern Highlands.

Landowners often block roads to force compensation demands. 

Tei said trucking companies engaged in the multibillion kina Liquefied Natural Gas and Kutubu oil projects were affected by these roadblocks.

He said people travelling on the highway were often threatened and harassed and scared of using that portion of the national highway.

“Enough is enough. Anyone caught blocking roads will be dealt with. People are breaking the law by blocking the highway and police will use force to stop these activities,” he said.

Tei said locals at Poroma blocked the highway a month ago when they demanded K20,000 compensation work done by the works department in installing a culvert.

The locals lived three blocks away from where the work was carried out.

Tei said there were appropriate avenues to resolve issues such as seeking compensation on fatal road accidents involving locals.

He said people must realise that they were benefiting from such projects because the Government was receiving revenue from them.

“People should understand and support the government to allow services to be delivered without asking for payments,” Tei said.