Policeman suspended after prisoners escape from cell


A POLICE officer in Manus has been suspended following the escape of three suspects from the Lorengau Police Station cells on Saturday.
Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu said the officer had gone to the cell at night to serve food to the prisoners.
When he opened the door to the cells, the three men rushed out. He was unable to stop them.
He said one of the men was Ken Lomai who was facing a murder charge. Yapu said it was wrong to take food to the prisoners at night because they could use the opportunity to escape.
He suspended the shift supervisor from duty for 21 days and directed the police station commander to investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action.
Meanwhile, two prisoners ran away from the Lorengau General Hospital when they were escorted there by warders to get medical treatment.
Milton Karol, 28, from Ndrilou village, is serving three years for breach of probation.
Pokuwil Potiloh, 28, from Buliso village, Bupuchupen Lelemadih local level government is facing an attempted murder charge.