Policewoman tops programme

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A POLICEWOMAN has topped the International Certificate in purchasing and supply programme training – the first to be organised within the country.
Chief Insp Joanne Clarkson was awarded the best performer scoring the highest marks in the country, including Australia, in the 15-month course that she and 10 others attended.
The International Certificate in purchasing and supply programme was supported by the Central Supply and Tenders Board and AusAID to equip individuals with knowledge, skills and qualifications within the fields of purchasing and supply management.
Clarkson was commended by Edward Rayner, the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) head of training, at the graduation held last Thursday at the Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby.
Rayner said the programme was a milestone for the participants and the country and was important for the agencies in which the participants worked with.
Clarkson, who was surprised to be awarded for her achievement, expressed gratitude for the worthwhile training and the certificate she obtained.
“We learned a lot on critical factors in purchasing and managing funds to provide the best outcome for organisations we were engaged in,” she said.
Another participant, Thomas Wafisause, also expressed acknowledgement for the training stating that
he had learnt a lot and would impart his knowledge for the betterment of the Health Department in which he worked as a purchasing officer for medical equipment.
He added that such training was a need for a lot more Papua New Guineans to be involved in as it was helpful.
A total of 11 participants were awarded the internationally recognised certificates which qualifies them as purchasing professionals at an international standard.