Policy on inclusion, gender out

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 THE Electoral Commission’s gender workplace and social inclusion policy was launched yesterday by the Chief Secretary to the Government, Sir Manusupe Zurenuoc, during the commission’s dedication service at the Rev Sione Kami Memorial Church.

Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen stressed the need for such a policy to ensure active participation, accessibility and social inclusion of women, people with disability, people living with HIV/AIDS and other marginalised groups in all aspects of elections.

“The policy is based on the principles of equity, fairness and a “do no harm” approach to ensure there is social unity and stability through its normal day to day operations or throughout the electoral processes,” Trawen said.

He said the gender workplace and social inclusion policy called for a critical review of workplace practices, procedures and policies with a radical view to change attitudes and behaviour of staff with deep rooted cultural practices.

He said the gender workplace policy was timely and in line with the commission’s five-year corporate plan 2013-17, which emphasised the commitment to gender equality.

“The commission has taken a strong commitment to the development and now the implementation of the gender workplace and social inclusion policy in headquarters in Port Moresby and throughout its provincial and district offices in the country.”