Polye blasts Agiru and Ipatas

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The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FOREIGN Affairs Minister and the deputy leader of the National Alliance Highlands Don Polye slammed Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru and Enga Governor Peter Ipatas for claiming they are in control and not National Alliance Party.
“These leaders cannot, they never have and they never will muster enough numbers to form government and yet they dare to make such statements.
“Look at how many MPs Agiru and Ipatas brought into government? Agiru brought none, all these MPs in URP were brought in by William Duma.
He did nothing, and as for Ipatas, he only brought in a miserly three MPs. It’s a case of empty drums making plenty of noise,” Polye said.
He said the NA brought in a total of 40 MPs and the party has been so generous, under the leadership of Sir Michael Somare, that it had given them ministerial portfolios on golden plates.
“I therefore, call on them to respect NA as the major coalition partner, currently with over 40 MPs,” he said.
He said they should also respect Sir Michael for giving them ministries at the expense of other strong NA members, who equally deserved portfolios.
Polye said for them to speak in such a manner was outrageous, offending and unacceptable.
“Agiru should be concentrating on addressing the issues raised by the landowners in the LNG project instead of hiding away somewhere while other Highlands leaders like James Marabe and myself to go to face the landowners to offer solutions to the problem,” Polye said.
He said if Agiru was genuine in his claim, he should be taking the lead in solving such important national issues.
“I call on landowners from the LNG project, developers of the project, contractors and other stakeholders to be vigilant of such petty politics being played by some of our leaders at the expenses of the people,” he said.