Polye urged to fulfil commitment

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013


Minister for Treasury Don Polye has been urged to fulfil a commitment made to the Jiwaka people for the construction of the Kimil-Tabibuga road.

He had promised during the official opening of the new Kimil Bridge in 2010 that he would do so.

He had said the government would fund the K10 million Kimil-Tabibuga road connecting North Waghi and Jimi district to alleviate the burden Jimi people faced.

Gabriel Kora, a member of the Jiwaka provincial budget committee, urged Polye to fulfil the commitment he had made to the people of Jiwaka.

Speaking during the provincial budget committee meeting last Friday at the Molga Lodge, Kora said the people of Jimi desperately needed a better road to transport their produce.

He said the existing Banz-Jimi road was unreliable and continued to clog up or wash away during heavy rain. Landslips regularly occurred in the area.

Kora said that supplies for schools, health centres and trade stores were often delayed for days.

He said they used aircraft for their supplies which was expensive.

Kora said the new road Polye pointed out would be built on a stable ground where it would not be a problem during heavy rain.

“I don’t know if he still remembers his commitment, but I am reminding him that we believe that Polye will deliver his promise,” Kora said.