Poponawa, stop pointing fingers, start contributing

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 ALLOW me to express my dissatisfaction regarding concerns raised on the importation of used vehicles by the government and various agencies, including  the MP for Tam-

bul-Nebilyer, Benjamin Poponawa (July 17). 

Poponawa, all government agencies and department heads must stop complaining about the increasing number of imported used vehicles because PNG will not stop ordering them from overseas despite the import duties. 

These vehicles are still three to four times cheaper than those sold by Ela Motors, Boroko Motors, PNG Motors and other car dealers in PNG. 

New vehicles cost  more than K70,000, which ordinary Papua New Guineans cannot afford. 

The good MP and all those against used imports should understand that Papua New Guineans are now shopping online not only for used cars, but also electronic, electrical and mechanical items that are much cheaper. 

Poponawa should also stop complaining about traffic jams in Port Moresby and start strategising on how to advise or assist Powes Parkop to reduce it. 

My free-of-charge advice is to build more roads in the city. 

Charge parking fees for vehicles parking more than 20 minutes to prevent unnecessary parking, traffic jams and accidents. 

Also, move residential areas and settlements away from the city to reduce traffic. 

If  the government is serious about preventing used car imports, it should subsidise motor vehicle dealers in PNG and reduce taxes so that ordinary Papua New Guineans can afford to buy used cars locally for less than K20,000.

If the vehicle prices cannot be reduced, I suggest the import duty be reduced to 20% to encourage Papua New Guineans to buy used vehicles from abroad. 

We are simply buying what we can afford to achieve our personal and business aspirations. 

Stop complaining and start building more roads in the city and most importantly, in  rural areas so that we can ride taxis to remote villages in the countryside. 


Kopu S