Porgera’s law issues need addressing, Chamber says

Nickson Pakea

BUSINESS HOUSES and the people in Porgera, Enga, want the law and order situation in the area addressed, says Porgera Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Nickson Pakea.
This follows a rape case on Tuesday afternoon, when a bus travelling to Porgera from Wabag was held up by gunmen.
He said two armed men stopped the bus at Pauwere village in Kairik.
“When the driver stopped, more than 15 men came out of the tall grass and forced everyone out of the bus,” Pakea said.
“According to one of those passengers, expensive items including cash, mobile, shoes and the laptop of a pastor were removed including garden goods for the market at Porgera.
“A 13-year-old girl was taken to the road side and raped while the driver and the rest of the passengers left to report the matter at the Paiam police station.
“She was latter rescued by soldiers and policemen and treated at the Paiam Hospital.”
Pakea said a similar incident on Christmas Day involved a vehicle which was held up in the same area. Thugs removed live chicken, bananas and K36,400 in cash.
Pakea blamed the provincial road work authority for not fixing the road which has gone worse since the closure of the Porgera mine in 2020.
“No sign of the provincial road works nor the provincial government. Request for road maintenance went on deaf hears.
“Now we see travellers subjected to looting, rape and torture.
“The business community and travellers are suffering with the rise in law and order and criminal activities.”