Position for PA is not reserved for Helas

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 HELA’S student leaders Aja Potabe and Dickson Olabe asserted to represent the silent majority of the students at the University of PNG. 

They opposed the Provincial Executive Council’s (PEC) decision on the recommendation of Lawrence Olkopen to the National Executive Council (NEC) for its deliberations.

The appointment of provincial administrators is done by NEC through the recommendations of PEC within the law. 

The student leaders should distant themselves and embrace changes rather than resorting to public protest as proposed. 

For them to say the position of Hela provincial administrator (PA) is for Hela only is going low by educated elites. 

They should know that Hela province is part of the country and the position of administrator can be filled in by any educated Papua New Guinean.

The student leaders by this time should be well informed that the position of the administrator is not all about confining to Hela elites alone administering local issues such as domestic violence, land matters, marriage and compensation ceremonies and tribal conflicts. 

It is all about administering and governing the affairs of the  province and its people who come to work and live in the province.  

The students from higher institutions should be reflective and showcase their intellectual abilities with the level of education acquired by commenting sound and balance statements rather than just sided hot air marginalising  many  of  the Hela intellectual students who strive to excel in their studies. 

The intention  of  the  protest  should be  done on national or regional issues,  not  going  down   low  on  kindergarten  issues  to manage the affairs   of Hela. 

We believe in both William Bando and Lawrence Olkopen – in their respected leadership, high education  a  wealth of experience  and  their capabilities  of running the affairs of the province. 

If  Olkopen  is given  the administrator’s position in Hela, Bando can be given any position at the national level as Prime Minister Peter O’Neill can offer him a job. 


Thomas A Hengebe