Post PNG unveils digital parcel locker service


POST PNG has opened a parcel locker service at the Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby as it moves away from the traditional brick and mortar model.
Post PNG national retail manager Vincent Kora said yesterday that the parcel locker was a high technology android and locking system.
“To use the parcel locker, it involves paying through the counter, once the payment is completed, a system generated bar code will be processed to stick on parcels before using the parcel lockers,” he said.
“The customer scans and enters the mobile number of the receiver at the parcel locker android system, automatically the door opens to drop off the package.”
Kora said as soon as the door was closed, an automatic SMS was sent to the receiver of the parcel.
“Finally, the receiver uses the unique SMS code to pick up the parcel within 24 hours before being used by another customer,” Kora said.
He said the parcel locker was one of PNG Posts digital transformation strategic initiatives in bringing value and world class experience to customers and was also in line with the government’s theme of harnessing inclusive opportunities and embracing the digital future.
“Private letter boxes and other postal services used to be the main revenue driver of Post PNG, and over the years the company continued to experience a steep decline in sales due to digitalisation providing new solutions to consumers such as emails, social media and other disruptive technologies.
“In this case, Post PNG had to move away from the brick and mortar model or the traditional postal model and adopt and embrace new solutions associated with globalisation and digitalisation.
“Prior and during the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have seen an increase in parcels coming from abroad as a result of cross border transactions including involvement of SMEs in domestic e-commerce or social media.”
Kora said due to improvements in broadband services through the telco companies and newly introduced submarine cable project, Post PNG could now be assured that the digital divide would no longer be a major issue.
“Many of the developed and upcoming economics such as Brazil, Thailand, Nigeria have already launched the parcel lockers; hence in staying ahead with the market changes, Post PNG has invested in the digital transformation solutions to further create a new journey for our customers and arrest the decline in sales within the retail division,” Kora said.