Powi must improve education in SHP

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

I COMMEND Governor William Powi’s initiative to recruit university gra­duates to work for the Southern Highlands pro­vincial administration.
However, during his term as SHP administrator, he has failed to lift
the standard of education.
The SHPG has failed to sponsor students in ter­tiary institutions.
The recent cheating scandal in the province has done nothing good and the team engaged in investigating the allegations by Powi was a little too late.
The students are now at home, adding to the growing number of school leavers and unemployed youths, potentially cau­sing increased social ills.
The standard of education has dropped to an alltime low with frequent changes in the provincial education division.
Powi must forget the village politics and poor advice from political co­horts and village chiefs to make a real change.
He must conduct ap­praisals to ensure public servants are doing their duties instead of planting kaukau in the villages and going to Mendi to collect their salaries.
The future of SHP is at stake and it is vital to give our children the best education to move forward.

Yoli Nais
Port Moresby