PPP’s new MP

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The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016


THE People’s Progress Party is celebrating the victory of its candidate Timothy Masiu during the recent South Bougainville by-election.
Acting deputy Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai last night confirmed the election of Masiu who had beaten 11 other candidates.
The seat was declared vacant following the death of Steven Kama.
Party leader Ben Micah said Maisu’s win had increased the number of their MPs in Parliament to seven.
“I want to welcome the new MP. I congratulate him, his election team and PPP supporters in South Bougainville,” he said.
“South Bougainville is a seat that has eluded the party since self-government. PPP has won North Bougainville and Central Bougainville, but we’ve never won the regional seat or South Bougainville.
Sinai told The National that the counting was completed in a record two days – Saturday and Sunday.
“We appreciate the election being counted in a very short period of time,” he said.
“Normally, counting takes 14 days and sometimes up to 21 days. But for South Bougainville, officers cooperated well.”
Sinai said the same process was used during the 2015 Autonomous Region of Bougainville elections.
He said it was unfortunate that communication with South Bougainville was cut off yesterday, especially in Buin where the counting took place.