Prepare for coronavirus


THE coronavirus is causing anxiety to every paramedics around the globe in some parts of the developed countries in North and South America, Europe and parts of Asia.
The Government is pouring millions of kina to conduct awareness on personal hygiene and public precaution, tightening up security measures on all borders, quarantine zones and isolation wards in preparation for Covid-19.
We should be prepared as it is nature and the killer disease is still active in some of our neighbouring countries.
It can penetrate easily to our country regardless of the strictly measures imposed by health specialists and customs on international airports and wharves.
Is the Government doing enough to control this killer disease in our country? In my opinion I think the Government has done little in terms of awareness.
The next most important move I suggest the Government should look at is the current ratio of patient to health worker in our country which is very poor.
The eight cases discovered is a warning sign for us to get prepared and address any loophole to detect the Covid-19. I am now appealing to the Government and stakeholders to train more volunteers as a local paramedics in all provinces around the country to monitor situations in rural suburbs and urban area while letting our professionals and health specialists work in the hospitals and isolation wards.

Domkak nalu

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