Presidents vow to work with leaders

Lae News, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

LOCAL level government presidents of Bulolo district will remain neutral in the stand-off between their MP Sam Basil and Morobe Governor Luther Wenge over the Watut River issue. 
The presidents, including deputy governor and president of Waria LLG, Morokoi Gaiwata, who met in Lae yesterday, said the infighting between the two leaders was unfortunate and not of their own making.
Speaking for the presidents, Gaiwata said: “We want our MP and our Governor to know that we are sorry about the problem which was brought upon them by the people and we will stay neutral and be loyal to both of them.”
Gaiwata said they acknowledged both leaders as not only leaders of Morobe but of the country.
He said Basil was known nationwide for his outbursts against corruption and Wenge for his legal battles against the government.
He said Wenge had been victorious in seeking the reinstatement of council presidents in the provincial assemblies in Morobe and around the country.
The presidents said they would stand behind their MP in his bid to bring more services to the district.
They praised Basil for developments taking place in the district, one of which was Air Niugini starting flights this week into Bulolo.
They praised Wenge for acknowledging Bulolo district and allocating ministries to all five of the LLG presidents including the deputy governor seat.
The presidents said they would not take the problem as a stepping stone to damage any of the two leaders.
They said they would reject any move for them to take sides.
“We are humbly calling on our two leaders if they could come together and iron out the issue in the true Morobean way,” Gaiwata said.
The presidents congratulated Basil on being appointed the new deputy opposition leader.
They said Basil had proved his worth at district and provincial level to uphold transparency and honesty.