Pride causing system collapse


PRIDE is the root-cause of all system collapses in every facet of any government or organisation.
What is pride?
My definition may not be eloquent enough, but I define it as the act of showing jubilation over faked achievements, while fighting back the agony of concealed adversity.
Hypocrisy may relatively fight for a stake in the definition here, of which may also be right.
In comparison to my definition above, it is likened to our situation as a nation – not to discredit anyone in person.
However, as obvious is the case, we see a worrying issue here and there all the time, and most are aging issues, issues such as hot potato that successive governments have been fiddling around with (unenthusiastically).
With the exception of a few, we were never bold enough to stare issues in the face and consciously deal with them there and then.
With most of the time given to tall-poppy syndrome and the struggle to remain in power, little is given to proactive planning.
The government’s attention seems to follow the critic flag around as a wave being tossed about by the wind, and only stopping at whatever the flag points to.
You and I know that the truth shamefully hurts.
So to save face, we reactively throw unbudgeted funds (inflated in most cases) at these flagged issues.
Although we know very well how unbecoming this is, but we still pretentiously punch the air in jubilation with an accompanying reason, purportedly ‘for the good of the people’ (smokescreen).
This is all transforming as the world disapprovingly looks on.
Sad to note, ethics of good governance did not matter anymore, we subtly continue to fool ourselves at the expense of the innocent majority.
The writing is on the wall, if none lifts a finger to do something about it, this flag-following/reactive approach will unfortunately be embedded, even with generations to come, and consequently become an accepted norm.
So the question we may all be asking ourselves is; Can we change this?
The answer cannot easily be found because the current situation and the desired environment is wedged by greed, procrastination and incapability.
In most instances, answers (remedial measures) we come up with are seen as mere ‘band-aid’ fixes, fixes without medication dabs.
Taking a closer look, the above environment is an outcome of a decision made, so once we understand the mechanics of the situation when the decision was made, and taking into account the factors that were involved, we may be able to tailor a remedial solution.
So as a bad disease, how did we contract it at the first place? It all began from a hasty transition that saw no bloodshed, an occurrence we still brag about today.
I wonder why?
A shame indeed to reflect today, that the hash transition during independence saw two parties, one ambitiously itching to take the driver’s seat without learning the traffic rules, while the other, with a sigh of relief, bailing out impatiently without leaving a driver handover note.
So having taken the driver’s seat now (independence), despite the lack of capacity (whether known or not), whatever available resource we had was thinly spread irrationally to purportedly suffice their intended purpose.
A big lesson here.
One thing we are forgetting is that every set responsibility, be it in a government or any organisation, is essentially convenient for its governance.
However, with the lack of vision, analytical ability (with the exception of a few), and political will over the years, they became the motivating factors behind the throwing away of the baby with the bathwater.
So like an engine with a missing spark plug, it cannot run smoothly.
We are paying the price now.
If we are to see the daylight again, I guess we will have to get rid of pride first, followed by nepotism, then everything else from top to bottom will need a big shakeup, going from department to department.

Banian Masiboda

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  • Truly agree with you, Banian. Exact breeding ground for the the level of corruption we see today.

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