Primary, elementary school teachers learn computer skills


THE lack of computer skills among primary and elementary school teachers in Goroka zone two school is now being addressed through an intensive training exercise.
Goroka zone two school inspector – basic education – Gabriel Sul took has organised for one of the teachers with basic computer skills to train the head teachers.
The week-long course was at Gama Lutheran Primary School during the school holidays.
“I initiate to provide information technology (IT) training for head teachers who would then train teachers in their respective schools,” Sul said.
He said they were now going into the digital age where computer literacy was important for every teacher.
Sul welcomed Goroka Lutheran Education Secretary Zerine Ainaha who attended the course.
“We started off with the Word document programme. We will move onto Excel and PowerPoint programme in the next training,” he said.
The head teacher of Okiyufa Primary School, outside Goroka, Clancy Philon, commended Sul for the training and trainer Gordon Toa for doing it.
“It is very important to have basic computer skills before we teach the children in the classroom,” Philon said.
“The Department of Education must allocate money towards such training for teachers who are computer illiterate.”
Philon said he has been a nonteaching head teacher for many years and he was fortunate to learn basic computer skills.
“It is now high time for us to learn this because we are fast moving into the digital age. Every teacher is supposed to learn this important skill.

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