Prime suspect pleads guilty

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The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A PRIME suspect charged with willful murder of a pilot in 2009 pleaded guilty at the trial yesterday at the Waigani National Court.
 David Bola from Kombe, West New Britain, was one of people charged with the killing.
Bola had previously pleaded not guilty until yesterday when the charge and the facts of the event were read before him by Justice Nicholas Kirriwom.
He and seven others were allegedly involved in the murder of Air Niugini pilot, Timothy Houji, on Jan 1, 2009, in downtown Port Moresby.
The murder happened several yards from the entrance to Crowne Plaza Hotel and Pondo Tavern in which Houji, from East Sepik, was killed.
It was alleged that at around 2am, a fight broke out between Houji and a group of suspects resulting in the former being stabbed with a knife and dying from loss of blood.
The court was told Bola was in possession of the knife while the other attackers used their fists and boots on the pilot.
According to medical reports, Houji had sustained a cut to a main artery on his arm, causing severe blood loss that resulted in his death.
Kirriwom advised Bola to engage a new lawyer since he had changed his plea because his current lawyer also represented five other suspects who had pleaded not guilty.
Trial continues tomorrow with the cross examination of witnesses.