Prisoner rehabilitation huge success

National, Normal

SOME 2,300 prisoners nationwide have participated in rehabilitation programmes, acquiring skills in areas of technology, home economics, education, farming and agriculture, religion and sports.
Correctional Services spokesman Corporal Joseph Sila said the prisoners are given this  remarkable  opportunity beacuse of the generous support of stakeholder agencies under the rehabilitation and re-integration services.
He said the prisoners level of participation in the education and vocational training rehabilitation programmes was good.
“We found that most of the prisoners who acquired some level of knowledge while in prison have changed after their release. Of course we have had prisoners who returned to their old ways,” Cpl Sila said.
“Now we are receiving many new prisoners while those freed are using their knowledge to sustain their lives,” he said.
 “The programmes encourage prisoners to take control of their lives and be responsible for their actions. Promoting self-control and positive problem-solving skills are also imparted on them,” Cpl Sila said.
He said there was also a pre-release programme which was part of the entire rehabilitation service that provided avenues to prepare prisoners for their freedom.
“It includes training of detainees in personal viability and basic business awareness. We also promote participation in faith based organizations and community service organisations to provide support for all stages of the rehabilitation process,” Cpl Sila said.