Prisoners at Bundaira Jail baptised

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Six prisoners at Bundaira Jail in Obura-Wonenara, Eastern Highlands, have given their lives to God and were baptised last Sunday.
The prisoners are members of the Bundaira Inmates Fellowship.
They have been attending weekly church programmes and activities conducted by Rev Eiwana Zechariah, of Kainantu United Church.
Their commitment to their lessons has given them strength to put their faith in Christ.
The prisoners, who gave their lives to God through baptism, are Rodney Afore (two years), Moses Aiviri (six years), Thomas Marige (11 years), Patrick Ngau (life sentence), Kiouru Au’u (life sentence) and Rapiko Timothy (remanded).
The baptism of prisoners was a historical event for Bunbaira because the baptism was conducted by pastors from different church denominations (United Church, Lutheran, Evangelical Brotherhood Church and Foursquare).
They joined hands to baptise the prisoners before a dedication and Holy Communion service. The dedication and Holy Communion service was the first of its kind to be conducted inside the prison camp.
Bundaira is one of the two jails in Eastern Highlands with the other being at Bihute in Goroka.
It was closed down for four years and had its prisoners transferred to other jails due to water problems.
It was reopened in 2016 and now has 65 prisoners and remandees.

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