Prisons head happy to get new vehicle

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The National, Friday October 11th, 2013


THE Papua New Guinea Correctional Services took delivery of a new four-wheel drive vehicle for their operations at the Bomana facility, courtesy of Moresby North East MP Labi Amaiu.

Commissioner Martin Balthasar said the timely contribution was appreciated as they had been overlooked for a long time.

During the presentation yesterday, Balthasar reminded staff that vehicles were hard to come by.

“I appeal to users of this vehicle to take special care. I do not want see or hear that drunkards are using this or it to be seen at the 9-Mile beer outlet,” he said.

Balthasar said if the vehicle was misused, he would personally deal with the people concerned.

Amaiu said the Correctional Services had been overlooked for too long, with donations usually going to police.

“I hope the vehicle will be used for its intended purposes and hope it will be an asset to complement your advanced efforts for a better Correctional Services,” he said.

The vehicle was jointly funded through the efforts of the Prime Minister, via the National Gaming Control Board and the Moresby North-East electoral office’s district services improvement programme.