Programme discontinued due to royalty transfer


TWENTY-SEVEN students will be affected by the discontinuation of the New Ireland government’s governor’s school of excellence programme.
The New Ireland government said this came after Lihir royalties, the major source of funding for the programme, were transferred to the Namatanai and Kavieng development authorities.
“The implications for the students include their parents not being able to afford the international standard education school fees and securing spaces in other New Ireland schools will be difficult as they are already full,” the provincial government said in a statement.
It said the safe and timely transfer of student academic records remained a risk, unless it was managed well by the Department of Education and provincial education board.
The provincial government said the provincial executive council (PEC) last Tuesday, moved to financially support the current batch of scholarship students until they completed their education at the OLSH International School.
The governor’s school of excellence was established in 2019.
The programme was part of the seven components of the New Ireland government’s free and subsidised education policy.
This programme has two key components: a school of excellence and teacher excellence programme.
Scholarships are offered to the top performing primary and secondary school students from around the province.
In an update to the PEC, provincial government subsidy chief executive officer Mactil Bais said since 2019, the New Ireland government had gone beyond its initial target by issuing 94 scholarships.
Last year, nine pioneer scholars graduated with a grade 12 certificate.
“They all performed well and secured placements in various tertiary institutions,” Bais said.