Programme renews support in fight against swine fever


THE Pacific Horticulture and Agricultural Market Access (Phama) Plus programme has reaffirmed its support to fight against the African Swine Fever (ASF).
A memorandum of understanding was signed by the Australia and New Zealand high commission representatives, who are funders of Phama Plus programme in Papua New Guinea.
The programme supported by the PNG-Australia Partnership and New Zealand, is working with the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (Naqia) to better deliver biosecurity-related services in the country with immediate focus on two present threats – ASF and Fall Armyworm (FAW).
Both biosecurity issues pose combined social, cultural and economic threats to PNG which promoted swift action by Naqia with support from Phama Plus to contain, manage and eliminate further outbreak.
Australian High Commission second secretary economics Kirsty Madden said supporting biosecurity system signified the value of the partnership.
New Zealand High Commission first secretary Rachel McCarthy said her country was committed to supporting the programme.
Naqia managing director Joel Alu said Phama Plus and Naqia had collaborated on various aspects of biosecurity, market access and trade since the programme’s inception in Oct 26, 2015.
“Phama Plus has been behind us, with huge contributions of finances,” he said.
“Naqia doesn’t generate a lot of revenue, what we generate we call it cost recovery, we put that money in paying rentals, hire cars, fuel, salaries, and we have been struggling for a while since 2017, 2018 because of certain legislative reforms.”
Alu thanked Phama Plus and the Australian and New Zealand governments for the commitment to support Naqia.
The goal of MoU was to clearly identify how Naqia and Phama Plus can combine resources and work together to assist the PNG agency with key aspects of technical, capacity building, logistics and risk communications on ASF and FAW and other biosecurity related services.

One thought on “Programme renews support in fight against swine fever

  • Apart from sugar coated talks by NAQIA in the media to contain the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) for almost a year, what is that NAQIA has been doing on the ground that speak of its intervention program? To date, there has been nothing done and yet NAQIA keeps talking in the media. It appears NAQIA is using the ASF as slogan to raise funds for the benefit of a few at NAQIA? Parts of upper highlands provinces (Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga) affected by ASF are in dire need of intervention by NAQIA and other agencies of Govt to step and do something to contain the spread of ASF.

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