Promote Rubiang and his team


THREE provinces stood out as hot crime spots in the nation this year.
Hela stood out for its bush knife wielding and gun trotting local warlords and vicious tribesmen that go around creating mayhem and stone age brutalities on citizens and continue to display arrogance and insensitivity to public order and safety.
Milne Bay stood out in relation to the wanted Tommy Baker and his gang and sea piracy activities in the waters of the province.
Madang also stood out with the daily crime reports and cult activities at a staggering rate.
Policemen and women and members of the military, as in the case of Hela, have placed their lives on the line to address lawlessness in these provinces apart from the rest of the provinces nationwide.
Madang has been in the media coverage for law and order problems.
What stands out clear in this situation has been the work and sweat of the Madang police commander acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang and his faithful men and women on the ground.
Acting Supt Rubiang and his men are not imitators of actor Sylvester Stallone known for his Rambo movies produced at Hollywood, thus, faking braveries and heroism on cinema and television screens for money.
Rather, acting Supt Rubiang and his men are real law enforcers that have been polishing law and order in Madang for the good of peace and stability in the face of lawlessness of such magnitude.
Madang has been bombarded with lawlessness ranging from petty crimes to drug-related offences, armed holdups, smuggling in of illegal foreign counterfeit goods, sea piracy, wanton and atrocious murders, and cult activities. The province, once known for its beauty, tranquillity and peace-loving citizens, was somewhat over-taken by lawlessness in the face of their elected leaders and the nation.
The indigenous people of Madang are law abiding citizens.
What has transpired over the years has been the result of influx of outsiders to the province, the economic difficulties faced by the youths in the province leading them to resort to criminal activities, influences of weird thinking and beliefs in spiritualism and cargo cult which leading to cultism.
This continues due to lack of genuine leadership to address this problem head-on.
It is sad to see acting Supt Rubiang and his men being treated by the police promotion board and the top hierarchy under the title acting.
He and his men have performed exceptional well beyond the confinement of acting capacity and its time now to confirm him and those serving under him on those positions being acted upon.
In short, it’s time acting Supt Rubiang is designated a deserving title such as superintendent or chief superintendent rather than being a victim of prolonged delays and lack of recognition by the top echelon of the police force.
Promotion is always the result of hard work and commitment, complemented with professional experiences and given when it is due.

Emmanuel Allen Mungu,
Former Acting Director General,
Office of Security Coordination
and Assessment