Proper irrigation vital


PROPER irrigation system is vital for the growth and management of a farm, an official says.
Central Province Division of Agriculture and Livestock, Food Security Officer, Gabi Tau said most farmer’s lacks proper irrigation system to manage their farms.
He said under a recent training conducted by the Taiwan Technical Mission with Central Province Division of Agriculture and Livestock for watermelon farmers in Rigo has identified the need of proper irrigation system.
He said about thirteen watermelon farmers attended the training and was satisfied with the information they got as it was an eye opener for most of them.
“The training was helpful as it helps them to identify the nearest water source and irrigate from there,” he said.
He said the programme has not only equipped farmers with skills in farming, it has also provided training on irrigation methods which included;

  • Ways of drawing water
  • How to manage water
  • How and when to water the crop
  • Ways in identifying water source

He said the training was good as it helps them to identify possible water source and dig about 2 metres to find water. Since the training was focused on improving the quality of watermelon, it also included ways to better manage the farm through proper irrigation system.
“Since watermelon plants have somewhat deep roots that are good at extracting moisture from the soil.
They need water to develop until these roots are developed, for the first 3 weeks after planting, water your watermelon patch once or twice a week if no rain falls in your area. After the seeds have sprouted, scale back the watering to once every 10 days,” he said.
“Most farmers have water wells however they needed training on how to be innovative to manage the water source to gain maximum benefit from it”
He said the training was attended by thirteen watermelon farmers from the Rigo district and the villages included;

  • Kone
  • Kwaibo
  • Mamalo
  • Kuligolo
  • Mamaki
  • Kalave
  • Mole
  • Segi
  • Niviwka
  • Biga
  • Nanukoiro
  • Galu Nama
  • Kwikila station

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