Protect the environment, says Uguro


WORLD Environment Day is a time for teachers, students and everyone else to reflect, appreciate and protect the environment, Education Minister Jimmy Uguro says.
Uguro said one way to was through replanting of trees, avoiding burning forests, dynamite fishing and the overall mass destruction of the environment.
“Students must not harm any plants, trees or flowers, anything that provides oxygen,” he said.
“We must protect the green environment, we must promote green environment, environment means life and just as we protect the environment we protect lives.”
Uguro, who is also the Usino-Bundi MP, said human beings needed to survive and looking after the environment was one way of doing that.
He added that by protecting the environment, it would provide fresh air, food and anything people needed in return.
“I commend the schools, teachers, parents and all citizens who take part in ensuring that the environment in their backyards, trees, the plants, rivers and the air that we breath, natural eco system are protected and whatever we do we must protect the lives.
“If you are going out fishing you must or logging you must be selective so that we protect the environment,” he said.
The day is to be observed on Sunday to raise awareness on the problems facing the environment such as air pollution, plastic pollution and illegal wildlife trade.