Proud single mother

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A PROUD single mother wept openly at her son’s graduation on Monday when he turned out as the top student of the Jim Taylor Primary School in Banz, Western Highlands province.
The mother, Margaret Kunjip, tearfully said that it was the most wonderful day of her life when her son, Emmanuel Kunjip, was awarded as the dux of Grade Two at the school.
She said as an unemployed single parent, it was difficult to raise a child, but she said her struggles to make ends meet had proved worthwhile.
She claimed she earned money for herself and her son by raising poultry and pigs for sale.
Ms Kunjip said she did not expect her son to receive the award but thanked the Lord for the blessing.
She said people could achieve what they wanted if they put their heart and mind into it, and that this had been the case for Emmanuel and her.
She said there would be difficult times ahead but she believed that nothing could stop her son from realising his dreams and she was prepared to help him till the end.
Ms Kunjip said her husband had abandoned them when Emmanuel was just a baby 10 years ago, and since then, they had been on their own.
She said it was a big accomplishment for her, as much as it was for Emmanuel, because their sweat was paying off and she hoped he would have more such achievements in the future.
Jiwaka Stationery sponsored the dux award with a K200 cheque, which would help to pay his school fees for next year.
Sales manager Sam Taime said the stationery was proud to sponsor students who worked hard in class.
He congratulated Emmanuel and urged the students to always do their best  in every situation.