Provinces to undergo lockdown

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PANDEMIC Response Controller David Manning says Western and West Sepik will soon be in lockdown as the National Control Centre (NCC) attempts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant.
Manning told The National that a final report was with him now and if he was comfortable with recommendations and findings, he would announce the lockdown, perhaps on Friday.
The announcement from Manning comes as people look forward to the Independence anniversary celebrations tomorrow.
Manning, who is the Police Commissioner, said while people would be celebrating and putting on shows and concerts, he wanted them to be mindful of the Covid-19.
“There is a high risk of a rise in Covid-19 cases and my advice to everyone across the country would be to celebrate at home, however, should you want to go out with your families and celebrate, it is at your own risk,” he said. He said tests should be conducted for those who wished to leave Western and West Sepik prior to boarding any flight.
“New directives (control measures) will be announced as well,” Manning said.
Until last Thursday, the country had 30 Delta cases, of which Western recorded 22; National Capital District 7; and, Madang 1, and the samples of 79 cases reported a fortnight ago were still awaiting the genome sequencing results.
Another 83 samples was sent for genome sequencing on Monday.
West Sepik and Western are experiencing a spike in cases with more than 30 reported between the provinces last week.