Put positive news on front pages


I ASSUME that news published on the front pages are headlines that are of utmost importance to the country.
Things that are beneficial and important that will contribute to the good of the country are put in front pages.
It is not good to put up bad news in the front pages as it tarnishes our reputation.
The front page of The National about prostitutes calling on the government for help is ridiculous.
It is not wrong to publish such things, but it would be much better if such news were published inside the paper and not on front pages.

Em orait ah?


  • Main stream Medias are promoting something Fishy!
    Oh and Tell those Chief Newspaper Edditors to pull their shit together and make sure Spellings and grammars are 100% correct prior to printing.

    English is a dialect in some parts of PNG and Chief Editors are like Jokes and Disgrace to the Development of PNG!!!

  • Bad news is good for business while Good news on front pages is bad for business.
    No one wants to read or hear about good news. News agencies make money on bad news because bad news is entertaining. If you want good news, read the bible or something and stay away from reading the newspapers.
    News Agencies, have bills to pay to operate, if they kept reporting good news, they would make a loss.

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