Quick response saves baby, mother from complication

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A QUICK response saved a mother and her baby after they went through birth complications at the Kanabea Health Centre in Kerema, Gulf.
The Airborne Logistic Choppers responded swiftly on Saturday after Dr Peter Sol from the health centre confirmed an obstetrics emergency for Melvin Mandiwe, 28, from Ivandu village in the Kotidanga local level government area, who was in labour with the hand of the baby coming out first.
Gulf health authority acting chief executive officer Benard Bal said: “I immediately called the Air Borne Logistics Chopper and they flew into Kanabea Health Centre and medivac the mother to the Kerema Provincial Hospital in less than an hour.
“Upon arrival, the mother was rushed into the operating theatre and underwent caesarean and both the mother and her baby girl were saved.”
Although Mandiwe had obstructed labour, her baby girl was born healthy, weighing 2.5kg.
Bal said it was the quick response from the Airborne Logistic and doctors carrying out caesarean that had saved the lives of the mother and baby.
“Otherwise, we would have lost the mother and the baby because obstructed labour with arm presentation is a very risky situation.”
Bal thanked Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta for enabling Airborne Logistics Choppers and Niugini Aviation planes to provide air service for the remote villages.

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