Rabaul youth plan presented to planning committee

National, Normal


THE Rabaul district youth development plan will help enhance the participation of young people in development activities.
In the first joint district planning and budget priority committee meeting, the first draft of the plan was presented by Rabaul district social development officer Donald Tokunai.
Mr Tokunai said the absence of a youth development plan had created a situation whereby there was lack of coordination and cooperation among various agencies like churches, non-governmental organisations and local level governments.
He said there were no proper guidelines to follow and to properly plan, implement and evaluate youth development programmes in a more coordinated way.
He added that unemployment and land shortage were some of the issues that must be carefully addressed for the future.
“The Rabaul district focus areas, which the youth plan will address, include institutional strengthening and capacity building, education and training, healthy life, spiritual development, law and order and justice and income generation and self-employment.”