Rainy Lae residents tired of wet weather

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 THERE is no indication of the wet weather in Lae letting up soon and frustrations are rising as fast as the potholes are appearing on roads around the city.

The city’s industrial work force is the most frustrated as they struggle under wet conditions and poor public transportation to get to work and return home.

This situation is further aggravated by the critically deteriorated state of roads in the Morobe capital and hundreds have opted to walk, even under heavy weather rather than wait for long periods for public buses.  

Though unconfirmed by police yet, a disturbing number of commuters have also complained that mugging and petty crimes are again on the rise at major bus stops such as main market and Eriku.

The wet and cold conditions also pose a high risk of an outbreak of respiratory diseases such as TB.     

And being a city hemmed in by crowded settlements, the wet and muddy conditions combined with dirty drinking water from rivers and bore wells pose high health risks of other serious outbreaks as well.        


They said it is encouraged by the crowded and wet condition at the bus stops while police response is either delayed or obstructed by traffic jams at most roundabouts and intersections throughout the city.  

This situation is also having an adverse effect on work attendance and thousands of employees are forced to walk long distances through the morning showers to get to work on time.   

Subsequently, vehicle owners, companies and especially public motor vehicles operators are very worried about the spiraling costs of wear and tear caused by the terrible state of roads.