RAM gives out free mosquito nets

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ROTARY Against Malaria (RAM) PNG is distributing free long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets to NCD residents this week at the distribution site next to PNG Motors, Taurama along the Hubert Murray Highway.
The Moresby South electorate residents are the first to get their mosquito nets this week, followed by Moresby North-West (Nov 9-13) and then Moresby North-East (Nov 16-20) at the same location.
Coordinator of the survey and distribution of the treated nets, Patrick Wii, said RAM had conducted a survey in the NCD areas to gauge how many families live in one house and how many nets they would need.
He said the nets could accommodate three people, so a family of six would only receive two treated nets and so on.
Mr Wii said results from this pilot project would enable RAM to repeat the same process throughout the country.
“We have approximately 122,000 treated mosquito nets to distribute. And our aim is to continue this throughout the country so that by 2012, there will be no more malaria in PNG,” he said.
The NCD public is advised to take with them the white RAM survey form in order to receive their nets. For those who have lost their forms or those households who were missed, a survey station will be open for them to be re-surveyed.
However, they will receive their nets after everyone in NCD have gotten theirs.
RAM PNG is the principal contractor with the Health Department and is funded by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria.