Raminai visits district, hands out cheques

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KAGUA-Erave MP Wesley Raminai headed straight to his district on Wednesday a day after rejoining the Government as Minister Assisting the Prime Minister.
Raminai handed out two K20,000 cheques at Sembirigi to the Wemi Primary School and Don Mosely Primary School.
He committed K30,000 to the Gobe Agro Technical High School also at Sembirigi.
“As soon as I have the freedom to move around the first day after being sworn in, I had to go straight to my district and continue the work that I am supposed to do as a mandated leader,” he said.
At Sembirigi, the Petroleum Resources Gobe handed over an ambulance to the Evangelical Church of PNG Health Centre.
Also opened was a double classroom at Wemi Primary and one ouble classroom at Don Mosely Primary.
“In the (political) camp, we can’t move. When I was in the Opposition camp I did not go out. I wasn’t given that freedom. As mandated leaders, we should be given that freedom to go out.
“It is a good thing that I can visit my district. We know that 2022 (general election) is not far away. We have got less than a year so we have to be in our district and do the work we supposed to do.”
He urged the people in Kagua to stop tribal fights and allow service delivery to proceed.


  • Fit mahn Hon. MP Wesley Raminai.
    That’s the spirit. The current government is flexible. It is the best government so far. Thinking about work unlike the opposite group, thinking only of grabbing power..!
    Anyway, why is the opposition holding back our MPs.? They should be in their respective electorates doing their mandated tasks – wasting everybody’s time and money.
    I call on all the Central Districts leaders if you are still in Vanimo, come back to your electorates. The people need you back in your respective electorates to carry out much needed work.
    Please can you stop following other leaders around. Are you not leaders enough to stand and make decisions on your own.? (Giroa mai iteda Hanaua gaukara karaia. Humui be aiemai badadia. Mai, please thank you badaherea. Respect ia still noho. Humui giroa mai. Gabehai 2022, okay namo. Ari be taim lasi. Gaukara karia taim sibona.)!

  • Yes, he tasted his decisions and knew exactly he was wrong. His move was wrong, his move was seen as one of the power hungry and corrupt leaders. Returning back, restored what he stood for and regained respect and uprightness. Hopefully in the future, you won’t be a yoyo man, yes man but a mandated leader who stood the test of corruption and stood tall for your country men and women as national leader.

  • “We know that 2022 (general election) is not far away. We have got less than a year so we have to be in our district and do the work we supposed to do.” Wesley Raminai, MP for Kagua Erave who went looking for goodies in the Vanimo Opposition camp and came back crying to the government.
    PNG MPs are in their districts to do their jobs in the months and weeks preceding the next general election!

  • Good move Right Hon. Wesley Ruminai. Now you can hear at first hand what people are saying about current stand off with government and opposition. “This government is by the people, of the people and for the people”, that’s democracy at its best.. Populous are in support of the current government under PMJM. MPs go back to your voters and hear what they are saying before 2022.

  • Opp team is fighting a loosing battle.Engan MPs like Alfred/Ribin/Pundari and their collegue member for Porgera-Liagam are so blindful.Be smart like Wesley Ruminai.

  • The 4 Engan MPs in the OPP camp must know these facts.Why you are being called as Small Boys because you have the eyes but you are not seeing,you have the brain but you can not think whilst Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas can think and see like an Eagle beyond the horizon and he wants to set a bench mark for the people of Enga.It not about our personal wealth,money, education background etc.He started his Political carerer at the ward level as a Councilor,Council president,deputy Premier and Now a Governor.Please be mindful of your words to the Chief.

  • OPP must choose you alternative PM and come on Tuesday as PMJM’s scheduled to express your views during Public Debate on NBC and EMTV life telecast so PNG will hear from you all from hoses mouth rather than blowing up hot Airs in the hotel rooms.

  • Thats no point in opposition whilst PMJMarape needs you those 3 MPs from Enga, have a think about it and joint the government before its too late. Forget politics and listen to our chief – Enga wan Ang…. Kaimi etete Harem tok na joinim government na brata bai hamamas.

  • Hon.Westly Ramunai is showing a very good example in joining his brother, and what about his cousins???
    If Hon.Manase stays with PO then that’s fine but the other three (3) should join the government.
    A majority call from the audience must be respected because it will have a much greater impact on your political future.
    Tok tasol save stap lo yupela yet.

  • Hahaha ha……you’ve just said it the 2022 national election is just around the corner….just 1 year to go….so we have to do something for our voters..

    Where are we for the last 4 years???????

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