Ramson’s 42 years as a cop ends


RAMSON Silo Bovi decided to become a police officer when he was a small boy in Maprik, East Sepik.
“One morning, I was at the Maprik Market with my mother and watched an Australian policeman blow the bugle alerting everyone to stand still for the raising of the Australian flag.  I stood there admiring the neatly-dressed policeman. I decided that morning that I will be like him one day.”
Now 63, Ramson is retiring after spending 42 years in the constabulary.
The man from Jikinambu in Maprik, East Sepik is married to Lina. They have five children and 11 grandchildren.
He holds the position of acting coordination officer management training at the Centre of Excellence, Bomana Police College in Port Moresby. He is among the six police officers retiring.
“My mind was fixed on becoming a policeman throughout my education – a decision I made even before going to school.”

“ My mind was fixed on becoming a policeman throughout my education – a decision I made even before going to school.”
Ramson Bovi with his wife Lina.

In 1964 at the age of six, he began prep class at the Maprik Admin Primary School. He was among the top students from Standard One to Standard Six which he completed in 1971.
He continued his education at the Maprik High School from Grade Seven to Grade 10.
In 1975, he was offered three choices – enrol at the Bomana Police College, or the Port Moresby Teachers College, or the PNG Defence Training Depot at the Goldie River Barracks.
But his uncle, a soldier, talked him out of joining the disciplined forces.
“My uncle said training in the disciplined forces was harsh and I was too young for it.”
Ramson had no choice but to take up the two-year teacher training course.
He taught in West New Britain in 1978 and 1979 but felt that teaching was not for him. He therefore quit in 1979, and got married.
In 1980 he saw a newspaper advertisement calling for police recruits. He did not hesitate to apply.
In June, 1981, 21-year-old Ramson became a police officer.
He was posted as the officer in charge of the Palmalmal police detachment unit in Pomio. He held other positions before leaving West New Britain as the acting regional trainer for the New Guinea Islands from 1993 to 1994.
He was posted to the Bomana Training College as Instructor Recruitment Training Officer in 1995.
Between 1996 and 2008 he conducted police training both in Port Moresby and East Sepik.
In 2009, he was permanently based at the Bomana Police College.
In May 2013, he was promoted to his current position at Bomana.
He thanks the police force for the opportunity to visit all parts of the country except Hela, Northern and Milne Bay.
Ramson was also selected to travel to Brisbane, Australia to do presentation at a police conference on PNG police recruitment and training.
He has also received awards for his contribution to the constabulary: the Century Medal in July 1988, the Independence Medal in Sept 2005, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in April 2019 and Distinguish Police Service Medal in July 2020.
Ramson is happy that he will now spend more time with his five children and 11 grandchildren.
He dedicates his success to his wife Lina.
“My continuous and distinctive service in the RPNGC for the last 41 years could not be possible without my loving wife’s support and tolerance.”