Ramu Agri Industries Ltd marks start of sugar harvest


THE Ramu Agri Industries Ltd (Rail) workforce gathered last week to light fires for its sugar factory boilers.
This is an annual ceremony called the “Boiler warming” which marks the start of a new sugar harvest and production year.
Due to Covid-19 protocols, only the sugar factory maintenance teams and heads of departments including general manager Ruari Macwilliam attended.
Macwilliam and financial controller Yeoh Chee Hun had the honour of lighting the first fires.
He acknowledged the occasion and took the opportunity to thank all Rail workers, all teams that contributed to produce the range of products which were produced in a sustainable and environmentally safe manner and for great team work, especially during this difficult period.
He thanked those in attendance to witness the occasion which signifies the readiness of the factory to start production in a month’s time, adding that safety and hard work was required by all.
Macwilliam reminded everyone of the company’s primary responsibility of “safety first” and empowered all employees to continue to identify hazards insuring the workplace remained a safe working environment for all.
Head of technical services Eric Wise thanked the factory maintenance team for the good effort and team work put in to achieve deadlines for startup.
“Despite the spike in the Covid-19 cases in the country, Rail is ready to start production as planned and is happy to remind the people that they are still here and looking forward as always to producing quality PNG made sugar,” he said.
Sugar production also contributes to the economy of the nation and to the food security because if food products can be produced in country, then it reduces the dependence on foreign overseas imports and helps to keep money in the country.
It also provides jobs for Papua New Guineans and helps to sustain many support businesses.