Ramu nickel landowner hurls verbal abuse at Medaing

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A DISGRUNTLED landowner from Kurumbukari vented his frustration at the outcome of the deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) system hearing by hurling threats and challenges aimed at the lone plaintiff outside the National Court House gates in Madang yesterday afternoon.
Chairman of Kurumbukari Landowners Association David Tigavu and his supporters started their verbal challenges once outside the courtroom door.
The morning session, similar to Wednesday’s proceedings, had both the plaintiffs’ counsel and the defence counsel still arguing about the question of whether Louie Medaing’s application should be allowed before the court as proper thereby being a plaintiff in the proceedings continuing or not.
Judge David Cannings reserved his decision to 2pm and then further adjourning to today.
Tigavu and his supporters had expected a ruling yesterday morning but were frustrated at the adjournment and took out their anger at Medaing.
“If we have to fight over this project, then we will fight and it will be a civil war. Stop hiding inside there and come outside here and we fight,” he said, referring to Medaing.
“We want development and the lawyers keep twisting things,” he said.
Tiffany Nonngorr, representing Medaing, stood at the court’s locked gates with police monitoring the situation outside, listening to the challenge.
Tigavu told her: “You will not bring development to us. You will not feed us. Our children right now are not attending school. Will you support them? We are the least developed place and want development to come. All you care about is money.”
Moreover, he said that Cannings was “sympathetic to you people”.
This comment prompted the court sheriff to warn Tigavu: “Whatever your arguments never bring the name of the judge into it.”
Police then ordered Tigavu and his group to leave.