Ramu NiCo eyes business opportunities for locals


THE Ramu nickel and cobalt project in Madang will strive to provide more business opportunities for landowners.
According to a statement from the Ramu NiCo, company vice-president Wang Baowen shared his company’s vision during the recent signing of a three-year extension of its business contract between the company and the landowner’s Engineering Ltd (REL).
Baowen said the contract extension now catered for 44 staff to work under REL in providing camp services for Ramu NiCo’s Madang office and accommodation.
The work category includes cleaning and housekeeping, kitchen and maintenance work.
“We will find every opportunity to provide more business for our landowners to see them grow and invest in other business in Madang and outside the province,” Baowen said.
“Our hope is to see our landowner companies grow. We will provide opportunities to train and equip landowner companies in finance and management, compliance issues and other vital areas so together we can prosper.”
REL general manager Brodney Seip thanked Ramu NiCo for the continuous support towards his company and other landowner companies since 2007.
“Our aim is to grow into a successful organisation,” Seip said.
REL parent company Raibus Ltd director Moses Kumura said the contract extension would ensure they continued to grow and expand and provide jobs for locals.
REL is a subsidiary of Raibus Ltd, the unifying umbrella landowner company of the Ramu NiCo project.