Ramu power project launched

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The K250 million Ramu transmission system reinforcement project (RTSRP) at Waterais in Markham Valley has been launched by Minister for Energy Sam Basil.
The collaborative project, launched on Wednesday, has Japanese International Cooperation Agency (Jica) funding K210 million and PNG Government K40 million.
The RTSRP will reinforce the existing 132 kilovolt (kv) transmission line between Ramu 1 switchyard to Erap sub-station and Taraka sub-station.
It will enhance reliability of power supply and stability between Ramu-Lae systems. The new double-circuit transmission lines will run parallel with existing single circuit transmission lines.
Jica chief representative Takashi Toyama said the RTSRP would literally brighten up the future of the country.
“Jica deepens its support to the region in line with PNG Government’s strategy to give a new lease-of-life to Lae as an industrial hub in country’s economic growth,” he said.
“I am confident that the hours and frequency of blackouts in Lae and the region, resulting from transmission line failures, will be reduced dramatically soon after completion of the project.
“That will benefit local people and industrial activities in the region.”
Components of RTSRP include installation of 132 kilovolt (kv) transmission lines and towers, construction of Singsing and Erap sub-stations, and rehabilitation of Taraka sub-station.
The transmission towers for double lines will stretch out 137km in total from Ngaruyang Singsing sub-station in Markham to Erap (Huon Gulf) and Taraka in Lae.
“This is great milestone achievement since loan negotiations in May 2014,” Toyama said.
“I have no doubt in successful completion of this project.”