Rapist dad jailed 80yrs


A 46-YEAR-OLD man who raped his daughter for 12 years was jailed for 80 years on Friday.
And Justice Panuel Mogish said: “I wish you turn 126 years old in prison, if you are lucky enough to live that long. You have been raping your daughter since she was six.
“It’s a horrendous, heinous and an evil crime. Such sexual acts inflicted by a father on his daughter is a gross betrayal of the sacred paternal bond.
“Sexual predators like you who preyed on the flesh of their own daughter is most despicable and inhumane. Sick human beings like you should be ostracised from decent communities and, peace and law-abiding citizens.
“They should be banished from human society and made to live in a community of uncivilised animals.”
Justice Mogish lamented that he was worried that such cases were becoming prevalent in local societies. The man from Galeole in Talasea, West New Britain, pleaded guilty to raping his daughter when she was six in 2004 until she was 18 in April 2016.
The rapes were committed in Morobe and West New Britain where the family lived before moving to Port Moresby. The father was on remand at Bomana for two and a half years.
Justice Mogish said: “I agree with the State to not place much weight on the guilty plea as it was belated.”
The aggravating factors were:

  • The victim was only six when she was sexually violated and was as young as 10 when she was sexually penetrated and that continued until she was 16;
  • For over 12 years, the father felt no guilt and continued raping his daughter;
  • There was a huge difference of 26 years between the father and daughter. She was six and he was 32;
  • The father had prior conviction of assaulting his wife and was jailed for six months in Lae in 2007; and
  • The father was violent towards his daughter and other relatives.

“Respect for the dignity of our womenfolk has diminished because of people who treat women as sex objects rather than as human beings who have the same rights and opportunities as men,” Justice Mogish said.
The victim said in a statement: “Every daughter is her father’s pride. Unfortunately for me, it was the opposite. It saddens me to see girls getting along well with their fathers.
“It was not easy to absolve everything that happened because I lost my virginity to someone I did not love, but to my father. That’s very painful and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.
“My family has never been the same as before. We face hard times and always had arguments. The rapes caused disharmony.
“I feel torn apart and had thought of doing things I am not supposed to, but it was my mother’s courage and encouragement that gave me strength to pursue life and education. I initially dreamt of becoming a geologist but all was shattered because I couldn’t concentrate on my studies as I was constantly disturbed. I missed many classes to attend interviews.”
Justice Mogish told the man that “your daughter sees you as a monster. The sentence must serve as a deterrent to all.”


  • He doesn’t deserve the decency of Jail nor the Hard Working Tax payers money to keep him fed for the remainder of his life! Don’t waste or hard earned money- put our sweat money to Better USE!

  • Review the law and impose death penalty on these kind of people because in the prison, government will waste the funding to look after such inhuman.
    Prison is a place where criminals are locked up for certain length of time and released after they learn the lesson and correct them selves and to continue to live as a human being.
    Therefore, we should review the law to remove such inhuman beings.

  • I can imagine how difficult it will be for her to have a fulfilling emotional and intimate relationship with her future when her thoughts will be disturbed by the memories of her father…

    We need be smart guys… and mothers, if such things are happening to your daughter, don’t wait! She will be scarred for life.. act now!

  • He has no place in society, he can rot in jail for even within those walls his daughter will find some peace but will always have a lasting scar. Women and girls must be outspoken when it comes to sexual abuse because psychologically, it has a long term effect on the victim and family.

  • It is so shameful while we’re living in the Christianity nation for such attitude

  • I read with tears and can only pray that she finds peace. I can never imagine my daughter at 6 going through this. Thank you for sharing this story and i hope it rang some bells and women are responsive to it. We need to do more awareness of this in the very many communities we have around the country. Also persons like them going to prison should not be given a bad to sleep with 3 meals a day because they need to pay some some of price for their wrongs while they await their eternal judgement ( thats if they never repent).

  • So sad for this young lady. This animal brained father should just be crucified to show other as an example. But atleast he reaped what he sowed on the terms he will serve.

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