Recruitment of public servants has been frozen, says Kapavore


Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore the says recruitment of public service has been frozen to save money.
Kapavore told Parliament that improving the management of devolution and payroll expenditure control was part of his 19 pledges to reform public service and there needed to be a freezing of recruitment to control overspending.
“Despite the greatest efforts of the Personnel Management over the last four years and the establishments of the staffing and personnel emolument audit committee (OSPEAC) led by the Treasury Department, excessive expenditure of personnel emoluments has still not been brought under control,” he said.
Kapavore said “the issue on personnel emoluments over-ran every year’’ and has been a major concern for successive governments and no corrective strategy has succeeded in providing the solution.”
“The focus must now be on holding our agency heads fully accountable for personnel emoluments spending.
“I wish to make it clear that the policies and procedures for expenditure of personnel emoluments is the responsibility by law of the Public Service Ministry and the Personnel Management Department.”