Red, black and yellow make Polye proud

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Don Polye has congratulated Papua New Guineans for taking pride in celebrating the country’s 35th independence anniversary.
Polye made the comments in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, last Friday when he saw children and adults alike adorned in PNG colours turning up to celebrate the day.
He was speaking at the official opening of the 54th Goroka cultural show.
“I am happy to see our people, especially children, dressed in our national colours stand up and celebrate our nation’s independence.
“On this day, the nation’s colours have turned to red, black and yellow; decorations on the faces of each and everyone make me proud that people are taking ownership of their nation.
“It shows that we are maturing and prospering than ever before.”
Polye said he was proud to see everyone, including politicians, taking part in singing the national anthem and pronouncing the national pledge.
“This is national unity.”
The deputy prime minister also urged Papua New Guineans, against this display of patriotism, to decide between building national greatness or to go along with declining standards; to choose between national interest and one’s own self-interest.
“Proud citizens of PNG will have to make choices and decisions for the greater interest of nation building.
“The future of PNG, whether as a great nation or a failure, lies in the people’s hands and the choice they make today,” Polye said.