Remote Jimi needs more funding

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 JIMI is the most remote district in PNG but despite its isolation, the population of 60,000 people contribute to the economy by selling organic coffee, peanuts, gold nuggets and vegetables.

Jimi also has the potential for gold mining and timber for logging and produces educated elites who work in the public and private sectors, and who pay tax. 

I urge the Government to consider our pleas as past governments have not funded projects in Jimi. 

With its rugged terrain, DSIP funds are insufficient to complete projects. 

If the national government can fund Kundiawa-Gumine and Ialibu-Pangia roads, we want it to fund the Banz-Tabibuga road.  

Local MP Mai Dop has strategic plans, but he needs additional funding from the government. 


Samuel Rop