Removal of trucks

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The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

PROVINCIAL authorities in the highlands region are concerned about the action of two groups of people forcefully removing government vehicles from public servants.
The two groups claim to be supporters of Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti and Nipa-Kutubu MP Jeffrey Kombal in Southern Highlands.
Wingti and Kombal could not be reached for comment. But former provincial education adviser Leo Noki said Wingti was a professional and a well-respected leader in PNG and his supporters would not do such a thing.
Western Highlands provincial administrator Malcolm Culligan said he was not happy with the behaviour of the group in the province. He said he would raise the matter with Wingti.
The group also took over the vehicle used by Jack Karama, the deputy administrator for corporate services last weekend.
The same group also tried to take over vehicles belonging to the traffic registry and commerce divisions.
In Nipa-Kutubu, people claiming to be supporters of Kombal took over the district service vehicle.
The vehicle was transporting a pregnant mother to Mendi hospital on Monday around 6pm. The group blocked the road at Hoebeso, in the Nipa Basin local level government area and took over the vehicle.
Nipa district administrator Robin Pip said the MP was a Christian leader and respected him a lot. But he was not happy with his supporters.