Remove Lareva market, Parkop

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I CALL on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to review his decision to relocate the Lareva market in Hohola.
As a young lady who lived and grew up in Hohola No.2, I have found this suburb to be a safe place.
But the market has been relocated to the heart of my neighbourhood and I fear the safety which I have known since a baby has been taken away by the stroke of a pen.
The playing field has been turned into a car park while the path I take to the bus stop and basketball court is now filled with strangers.
Did the governor consider the relocation of the market will bring crime and airborne disease to our doorsteps?
Did he seek our views before relocating the market?
The market has no water and no toilets and my backyard has been turned into an open air toilet.
Please move the market back to its old location.
I would have been happy if Parkop had put up a clinic in Hohola as many people are dying of TB.
Rausim market, governor.


[email protected]
Port Moresby