Researcher urges govt to increase funding

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 A RESEARCHER is urging the  Government to increase funding and invest in research to develop rural areas.  

Fred Kosu, owner of Numu’nama Point 6, a newly established Lae-based research and education services consultancy, said if the People’s National Congress and its coalition partners wanted to realise their policies, research institutions needed to be empowered.

Kosu converted his thesis into a work plan that aims to develop youths, school leavers and students from impacted areas in mineral, petroleum, energy, agricultural and forest development projects.

He encouraged the use of postgraduate research for working proposals to seek funding to develop the country.w

Kosu applauded last month’s PNC Convention in Lae which announcing development initiatives.

“Engage researchers to go out into rural areas to identify real needs of our people; encourage development seminars and forums to allow respective scholars to share and discuss, debate and critic their findings to develop mechanisms to deliver services effectively,” he said.

“Through research development issues can be identified and ways on how to improve situations can be developed.”