Resident: Probe Chinese nationals

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


A RESIDENT of Kundiawa town, Chimbu, has urged relevant authorities, including the Task Force Rausim Alien, to investigate Chinese nationals whom he claims are doing businesses without proper work permits and passports. 

Robert Muru Kama told The National yesterday said he had reported the matter to the police headquarters in Port Moresby.

He said on April 15, he went with his family to a shop in Kundiawa owned by a Chinese man when he saw the shop owner smoking in the shop.

Kama said he told the shop owner not to smoke inside the shop, at which the shop owner started swearing at him.  

“Then I was pushed out of the shop. I reported the matter to police and he was arrested and charged with swearing and smoking inside the shop,” he said.

Kama said the Chinese man was later released on a K200 bail.

The police prosecutor later told Kama that the case was struck out last week by the Kundiawa Committal Court.

Kama said the issue was serious because foreigners were depriving local medium and small business entrepreneurs in Kundiawa of the opportunity to operate businesses.  

He added that foreigners, especially Chinese nationals, were already moving into other districts like Gumine, Gembogl and Kerowagi to do business.